Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a look through the drop down list on the portal and cannot locate your club please give our team a call on 01332 680400 (Opt 1).

You must be 18 years old or over to apply for finance.

When submitting an application for finance you will need to provide your full name, date of birth, 3 years address history, current employment, income/expenditure details and bank details.

We may check our records and the records of external credit reference agencies.

Online applications will normally provide you with a decision in 24 hours via e-mail. If an e-mail address is not provided when submitting the application we will post our decision out to you.

Like many responsible lenders, we take into consideration your personal circumstances, previous account conduct and credit history. If your application has been unsuccessful we will be unable to provide the finance on this occasion.

If incorrect details have been provided on your application, please contact our applications department on 01332 680400 (Opt 1) and they will be able to assist. This may result in a new application being submitted.

An illustration of all repayments including number of payments and payment amounts are shown as part of the application process.

All repayments are made by Direct Debit. Please check with your Bank or Building Society to ensure a Direct Debit can be claimed from your account.

Once your Credit Agreement has been processed your first Direct Debit is due within 30 days. A letter will be sent by post to advise when the Direct Debit payments will be claimed.

If you have received confirmation of approval and wish to amend the Direct Debit date please contact our Collections Department on 01332 680400 (Opt 2). Our collections department will endeavour to amend the repayment date for you.

Please telephone our Collections team on 01332 680400 (Opt 2) or e-mail and we will be able to assist with changing your bank details.

You can telephone our team on 01332 680400 (Opt 2) or e-mail and we will be able to assist with changing your address details.

It is important that you keep all your payments up to date. If for whatever reason you experience difficulty in making your repayments you must contact our office immediately on 01332 680415 (Opt 1)

All applications have a 14 day cancellation period from date of activation. If you wish to cancel and are within the 14 days please contact us on 01332 680400 (Opt 1) or e-mail us on

This highlights mandatory fields which you must complete before moving onto the next question on the application.

Yes, it is possible to add multiple memberships to one finance agreement. Please ensure that the total cost for the combined memberships is entered as the loan amount.

If you don't have a membership number then simply enter your first name and surname in the membership field.

This is an online process which enables the documents to be signed electronically. Once the signature has been completed electronically you will receive a copy of the signed documents for your records.